In 2018 we launched the HALO SCHOOL for tailor-made language and communications services. A savvy market analyst, Kim Keats Martinez, recently quoted the "golden years of Halo Energy". I founded HALO in spring 2002 with an inaugurating event at the Foreign Press Association in London. As first CleanTech-PR consultancy in the United Kingdom. Today other renewable companies in the US, in Australia, Singapore, Ireland and in the UK operate with a similar "Halo Energy" brand. Glad to inspire this trend. Halo Energy undertook a marketing communications campaign in association with Euromoney Plc for the "Renewable Energy Finance Forum". We generated strong coverage in international business media, such as the Financial Times, Bloomberg, Dow Jones and Reuters, for this London based global forum. Halo assists with strategic communications to fase out nuclear power. We spearheaded campaigns to end the fossil fuel exploitation of Lusatia. With the German Vice Chancellor and former Environment Minister, Sigmar Gabriel, as conference patron we founded and organised the "CLEAN MOVES" trade forum at Hanover Fair. A race for fuel efficient mobility technologies is on. Life is change. Keep moving. Whatever you do, do it with passion.


Ralph Th. Kappler / Tomaš Kappa




Ralph Th. Kappler, Halo Energy Director and Clean Moves Manager, opening remarks, Hanover Fair 2009




Federal Minister of Economics and Technology, Dr. Philipp Rössler, Clean Moves Patron, Hanover Fair 2009




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